Q.6 What is Efficiency?

Q.5 What is the Units of Energy?

Q.4 What is source of Energy?

                                                   “Sources of Energy”
Since electrical energy is produced from energy available in various forms in nature, it is desirable to look into the various sources of energy.
These sources of energy are: (A) The Sun(B) The Wind(C) Water (D) Fuels(E)Nuclear energy. Out of these sources, the energy due to Sun and wind has not been utilised on large scale due to a number of limitations.At present, the other three sources viz., water, fuels and nuclear energy are primarily used for the generation of electrical energy.
(A)The Sun.The Sun is the primary source of energy.The heat energy radiated by the Sun can be focussed over a small area by means of reflectors.This heat can be used to raise steam and electrical energy can be produced with the help of turbine-alternator combination.However, this method has limited application because : (1) it requires a large area for the generation of even a small amount of electric power (2) it cannot be used in…

Q.3 Generation process of electrical energy.